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Exhumation and Desecration: Werewolf Corps vs. Ghoul Detail split CDr (Funereal Disease Records)

Strung Out In Skogar CDr - Roil Noise

Residual Tremors [exclusive web release/CDr] - Roil Noise

A Field Of Hopeless Dreams [web release] (biv0uac)

Regale Me With Tales Of My Own Demise [web release/CDr] - Roil Noise

The Smell Of Rejection CDr - Roil Noise

Symphony Of Malfunction: Ghoul Detail vs Rabbit Girls - Roil Noise

The Transition To Redemption Through Decay CDr - Roil Noise

Shell CDr - Roil Noise

Beyond An Endless Horizon CDr - Roil Noise

The Green Inferno: A Tribute To Cannibal Holocaust CD - Roil Noise

Failures Of The Past CDr - Roil Noise

Substitute For Life CDr - Roil Noise

Chasing Dragons CDr - Roil Noise

The Hole Of Me CD - Roil Noise

Rattenkrieg CDr - Roil Noise

Until The Day I Die [web release] - Roil Noise

Monument CDr - Roil Noise

Cracked Dome vs Ghoul Detail split CDr - Roil Noise

Dogstar Symphonium [web release] - Umbrella Noize Collective [UMB068]

A Forgotten Moment Of Spiritual Inaccuracy CDr - Roil Noise

4 Seasons 4-way split CD with ctephin, Damno Te & Rabbit Girls - Roil Noise

Digging Slutz [web release] Umbrella Noize Collective [UMB072]

Dirtpipe Monarch CDr - Roil Noise

Smoke A Bowl Or Two 2x3" CDr - Roil Noise

Grind Your Children Into Dust CDr - Roil Noise

The Ghoul Box 5xCDr boxset - Roil Noise

Aural Sects 3-way split CDr with Ctephin & Spagirus - Roil Noise

Killer of Men CDr - Roil Noise

Poles Apart CD - Roil Noise

Living On Borrowed Time CDr - Roil Noise

Mystified vs Ghoul Detail split CDr - Roil Noise

Beyond The 7 Doors - A Tribute To The Beyond CDr - Roil Noise

Lucifer, The Fallen Angel / Ltd Edition of 50 CDr (Bone Structure)

Corroded Horizon Dawning CDr collaboration with Haz-Mat (Blast Periphery)

Escape CDr - Roil Noise

Opium Farmer: A Dream Turned Sour [web release] Umbrella Noize Collective [UMB097]

Consumerist Audiology [web release] (Smell The Stench)

2nd Symphony of Malfunction: Ghoul Detail & Rabbit Girls CDr - Roil Noise

Ghoul Detail & GDR collab untitled CDr - Roil Noise

The Mutual Death Pact CD collab w/ Android In Motion - Roil Noise

Only for the Lonely CDr - Roil Noise

Empathy for Nature CDr - Roil Noise

Goghal & Ghoul Detail split CDr [Bone Structure]

Goghal & Ghoul Detail split CDr (Smell The Stench)

Glory Hole CDr (Smell The Stench)

Dislocated Cadence: ctephin & Ghoul Detail split 2xCDr - Roil Noise

The Endless Days Of Loss: Ghoul Detail vs Norss split CDr (myspace.com/norss)

If I Only Knew The Answers EP [web release] [Pilesar / Chameleon Dish Archives]

Harsh Music For Hot Nurses Vol 4: Blatella Germ vs Ghoul Detail split CD (Symbolic Prod)



COMPILATIONS (2004-2014)

EARS International: Whirlstream CD (www.earsintl.com)

Pulse 4 CDr [exclusive track] (Spiral Archive)

Fossil Species 2xCDr [exclusive track] - Roil Noise

The Eternal Present CDr [exclusive track] (ecr.homestead.com)

50BPM Or Less Vol. 1 CDr [exclusive track] (Canned Beef Records)

R.I.N.O. International Compilation - Roil Noise

Smell The Stench Compilation #2 [web release] (Smell The Stench)

Cirlcle Six: Dusk In Kansas/Night In Kansas re-release/remix 2xCD - Roil Noise

Skull The Stench Compilation: 2xCD World Noise Compilation (Smell The Stench)

Initializing: Phase One Compilation [web release] (Elektrobankmusik)

Toon 1: Stirner remix compilation pt1 [web release] (Okkulth Records)

Toon 4: Stirner remix compilation pt4 [web release] (Okkulth Records)